This Mother’s Day is all about sharing the many tales and learnings of motherhood.

Every woman has a story – one that is ever-evolving and one that she passes down to her loved ones, especially her children. Having a maternal figure in your life is a blessing – why not spoil her this Mother’s Day and give them that much-needed off-day they so well-deserve. 


Aisha is an entrepreneur (@bakedonline), mom of 2 (pregnant with baby #2), and an inspiration to many women in South Africa. She has a strong relationship with her mom who is also a businesswoman. When asked what the biggest lesson she learnt from her mom was, Aisha has the following to say: ‘’My mother was brilliant at nurturing us as individuals. She never forced her own beliefs or interests onto us. She just went with our flow and guided us into what she felt we found interesting or captivating. I love that about her. She does it with our kids now too and it gives a child so much confidence and validation in trusting their instincts and abilities.


Bongi is an earth-conscious paediatrician, frontline worker, mom of 2 and the epitome of a “gentle parenting mama”. For Bongi, motherhood transformed her into a more mindful and empathetic person. ‘’I am a much better person and doctor thanks to my children’’, she says. As with everything, motherhood has its fair share challenges. For Bongi, the biggest challenge has been taking care of her own needs while mothering. She says ‘’motherhood can be all consuming and as mothers, we often neglect to love ourselves’’. 


Shiela is a model, entrepreneur, co-founder of Art & Soul health Café and mom of 2. Shiela considers the perfect Mother’s Day to be ‘’waking up after a full night of sleep, kids laughing (I love hearing my kids laughing out loud, wholeheartedly) in the kitchen prepping breakfast in bed for me and a beautiful day at the beach’’. First-time moms have so many questions when going through this amazing journey, and they often welcome any advice given. Shiela's advice for a new mom is to ‘’trust in yourself but also know when to ask for help’’. She says ‘’we have all been there – when we feel like we are doing it all wrong or we could do better. But, in the end, we need to remember that we are run by LOVE and only LOVE’’.