At Poetry, our mission is to bring you innovative products that change your life. Goodleaf is a premium CBD wellness brand that strives to do just that.

Why CBD? CBD is known for its ability to reduce pain, improve sleep and boost your mood. If you are looking to improve your quality of life, Goodleaf's products can do that for you.

These products are all THC-free so there's no chance of it altering your state of mind. They are also safe to use and are 100% legal because it's derived from the Hemp plant. Goodleaf strives to cultivate wellness with products that are 100% natural goodness.

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About the Range

From skincare to rollers to drops, the Goodleaf range offers everything you need for a more relaxed lifestyle.

The Goodleaf range combines CBD and hemp seed oil with African Botanicals extracts. The soothing, moisturising and anti-inflammatory capacities of these plants echo those properties in CBD – making them a particularly powerful combination for skin vitality.

The Goodleaf skincare range has a host of benefits that will help you achieve healthy, glowing skin. CBD has potent antioxidants and anti-ageing properties that will enhance the quality of your skin. It protects the skin from drying out whilst reducing the effects of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

CBD Relief Roller

Headaches and tension will be a thing of the past with this soothing roller. It is made with ginger root and Namibian Myrrh for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. This roller offers a cool and calming sensation on the skin with a pleasant and gentle scent.

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Hemp-Derived CBD Isolate Drops

CBD activates the ''feel good'' hormone in the brain which is why the most well-known benefit of CBD is its ability to boost moods and alleviate anxiety. Start feeling more yourself and living a happier life with a daily dose of these drops.

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